Please help quick A rectangular garden has length twice as great as is width a second rectangular has the same length as the first garden and width that is 4 meters greater than width of the first garden the second garden has area of 120 square meters what is the length of the two gardens?

Accepted Solution

First garden information:  let w = the width of the garden, then 2w = the length of the garden.

Second garden information:  
(w + 4) = the width  and 2w = the length;  the area is equal to 120

Now taking the information of the second garden we can set up the following equation:   2w(w + 4) = 120 or the following quadratic 2w² + 8w - 120 = 0
Now solving this quadratic by factoring we see that the solutions are:
w = -10 and w = 6 ... of these two solutions only w = 6 makes sense.

With w = 6,  the length of the two gardens would be 12