Josiah downloads 44 songs,including 16songs from his favorite band.Express as a decimal the number of songs by his favorite band that Josiah downloaded out of the total number of downloads.

Accepted Solution

The number expressed as a decimal is 0.36Step-by-step explanation:First of all, we have to write the ratio between the number of songs from Josiah's favorite band and the total number of songs.We have:# of songs of his favorite band = 16# of total songs = 44Therefore, the fraction is:[tex]\frac{16}{44}[/tex]Now we have to express this as a decimal. First of all, we simplify the fraction, by dividing each number by 4, and we get:[tex]\frac{16}{44} \frac{1/4}{1/4}=\frac{4}{11}[/tex]Now in order to write this as a decimal, we just use the calculator and we divide 4 by 11, and we get:[tex]\frac{4}{11}=0.36363636....[/tex]which is a periodic number, so we approximate to[tex]\frac{4}{11}=0.36[/tex]Learn more about fractions and decimals here: