in general the value of a car decreases with age what would ne the correlation between the age and values of all cars -1, 0.7, 1, -0.7​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option D, i.e., -0.7.Step-by-step explanation:Correlation describes the relation between two variables. It is defined by r and the value of correlation lies in the interval [-1,1].If r=1, it represents strong positive correlation between two variables.If r=0, it represents no correlation between two variables.If r=-1, it represents strong negative correlation between two variables.It is given that the value of a car decreases with age. The value of one variable decreases if the value of another variable increases. It means, the given problem has negative correlation.If the data points lie about a straight negative line then coefficient is -1.Since, the data set is not given, so the it represents moderate negative correlation, i.e, r=-0.7.Therefore, the correct option is D.