an electronics store makes a profit of $72 for every standard CD player sold and $90 for every portable CD sold. the managers target is to make atleast $360 a day on sales from standard and portable CD players. write an inequality that represents the numbers of both kinds of CD players that can be sold to reach or exceed the sales target. let s represent the number of standard CD players and p represent the number of portable CD players.

Accepted Solution

s -> no: of standard CD players soldp -> no: of portable CD players sold.Profit Per Standard CD player=72$Profit per Portable CD player =90$Target Amount =360$In short: The combined sales of Both the CD player's must exceed or atleast become equal to 360$ to acquire the target.Thus; the inequality can be stated as: 72(s) + 90(p) β‰₯360-> 36(s) + 45(p) β‰₯180-> 12(s) +15(p) β‰₯ 90 _______________->| 4(s) + 5(p) β‰₯ 30 | Hope it helps...Hope it helps...Regards;Hope it helps...Regards;Leukonov/Olegion.