80 students took a math test. If 44 students passed the test. What percent passed?

Accepted Solution

Answer: 55% of the students passed the math testStep-by-step explanation: The fraction [tex]\frac{44}{80}[/tex] represents the number of students who passed the math test out of all the students that took the test.To find out what percent of the students that took the math test passed, we can turn the fraction [tex]\frac{44}{80}[/tex] into a percent.To write a fraction as a percent, first remember that a percent is a ratio of a number to 100. So to write [tex]\frac{44}{80}[/tex] as a percent, we need to find a fraction that is equivalent to [tex]\frac{44}{80}[/tex] with a 100 in the denominator. We can do this by setting up a proportion.[tex]\frac{44}{80} = \frac{n}{100}[/tex]Now, we can use cross products to find the missing value.4,400 = 80n÷80      ÷80     55 = nTherefore, 55% of the students that took the math test passed it. This should make sense because 40/80 would be half and 44 students is only a little over 50%.