*20 POINTS PLEASE HELP*The Venn diagram represents the results of a survey that asked participants whether they would want a dog or a cat as a pet.Enter your answers in the boxes to complete the two-way table based on the given data.

Accepted Solution

Answer:upper right 31 middle right 24, bottom right 55upper middle 10, center box 7, lower middle 17upper left 41, middle left 31, bottom left 72Step-by-step explanation:cat and dog is the overlapping part of th diagram, 31 people like both.dog and not cat is the left side of the diagram, 24 people only like dogsthe total of people who like dogs is adding the left number with the the center number and 55 people all like dogsdislikes dogs likes cats is the right side of the diagram, 10 peoplenot dog not cat, those who want neither are outside both bubbles, 7 the total of people who would not get a dog is 17the total of people who like cats is the middle of the chart and the right added together 31+10 is 41the total of people who dont like cats is the left side and the number of people who dont like anything 24+7 is 31 the total number of all the people could be gotten by adding all the number on the display together 24+31+10+7=72or by adding the other bottom totals 55+17= 72, or by adding the other left totals together 41+31=72